Goodbye Kansas Bob

Almost 11 years ago I began blogging under the "Kansas Bob" moniker. Not long after that I purchased the domain and begain to use it. Then, 5 years ago, I moved to the Missouri side of the Kansas City metroplex. Subsequently I bought the domain and mapped to this new domain. Recently came up for sale and I got it for five bucks. I will eventually redirect the to Consequentially I will not be renewing So if you are using it please change it.


  1. Consider it done. Kansas City Bob....

  2. Thanks all for the feedback. I am waiting for the new domain to clear the auction process. They said I would have it tomorrow. ツ

  3. Changed the banner but I am still working on domain.

  4. I think all domain issues are completed. is up and runnning. ツ

  5. I like just fine-- but someone needs to tell my friend Bob Edwards that this change has been made... If you go to the "About" section of his Facebook page, it has all kinds of links to :) Such as:

    I am a New Yorker by birth, Kansas Citian by choice and Christian by grace. My purpose in writing at See More
    General Information
    Here are a few places you can find more info about Bob:
    ++ Info .....
    ++ Faith ...... See More

    1. Thanks Rob for the help in testing. I fixed the links on FB.

      LOL. I did not know you knew about this site.

    2. Hey Rob. You forgot to test out my G+ profile. I update today. Along with a new profile pic - which I also used on my blogs. ツ


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