Why TV is Doomed

Yes, I know that some have been predicting the demise of television for years [albeit not for technical reasons] but now the geeks at ZDNet are saying it too - TV is Doomed. Here are a few thoughts from the article:
The entire old-school television distribution system has been rocked by a quake of epic magnitude. And, as has been the case for the past decade or so, this seismic shift is all about high-speed broadband, the Internet, and the cloud.
Until now, if you wanted to watch Game of Thrones or any of the other excellent HBO series, you had to have a cable or satellite TV subscription. You had to be tied to a monthly fee consisting of a suite of services you didn't want, just to watch a few things you did. In fact, that was a lot of how the world worked before the Internet.
And that's why I found myself staring at a cornucopia of entertainment options this morning. Rather than the same programs sitting on my old TiVo, I had the entire Internet of video to choose from. Rather than being forced to watch what comes down from my cable provider on their schedule (with their blackouts and whacked-out DRM that won't let me watch a show I recorded in the living room on my bedroom TV), I can watch whatever I want.

I can watch whatever I want and save more than $2,000 a year at the same time. The old-school television model is doomed. Content producers and distributors better come up to speed quickly on the new world order or they will be decimated by the price/performance benefit of the now available substitute solutions.
You can read more of the article here. Do you see yourself dumping TV for cheaper internet solutions? Maybe later for me but not now. Google Fiber TV gives me a lot of reasons to stay but they need to keep up if they want me to stay.


  1. Yea, I agree. I now think of TV scheduled programmes nostalgically. Back in those days, I actually know what's on TV, on what day at which time!

    1. We often binge on old tv shows on Netflix Pearlie. Things are definitely changing.


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