The Scary Deep End

I came across this newspaper article from the spring of 2006 [click on the image to read the story - a bit fuzzy but sort of readable]. Not sure who the old guy in the picture is ... whoever it is ... it is a very unflattering picture. ツ

I once wrote about this experience and said:
Forty-five years ago a lifeguard jumped into the deep end of a YMCA pool in New York and rescued me from drowning - I was learning to swim and couldn't make it across the deep end of the pool. Fear embraced me that day and being in deep water has been scary ever since that traumatic experience. I've taken water classes over the years and never have been able to get past my fear of the deep end. Then last Friday came. Good Friday. It was a Very Good Friday!!

Three times a week my wife Ann and I take a midday water aerobics class at our local YMCA. I was in that class on Friday. I was in the deep end. I was wearing a buoyancy belt to keep me afloat as I exercised. Then at about 11:40am, with 10 minutes left in class, something happened. The voice of my inner man rose up within me and spoke to me. This is what he said: “Take off the belt!” The voice was so clear. I hesitated momentarily. Then courage took hold of me. I took off the buoyancy belt in the middle of the deep end and swam to the side of the pool. I was free at last of the fear that had bound me for so long. With utter incredulity I told Ann of this amazing experience – in awe she rejoiced with me.
Life is all about the deep end - that place where our minds are held hostage to fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. Sometimes it takes a moment of grace to connect with that brave place in our hearts and find the courage to break free.

Have you ever conquered a life long fear, found yourself unstuck and free of it?


  1. Thank you for sharing Bob. Way to go, I'm very proud of you to taking that leap of faith 9 years ago.


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