The Crazy Quest for News Accuracy

I chuckled when I saw this image this morning. The underlying premise of it is that there is a single "source" of "news" that is accurate. This notion is a somewhat amusing one. In reality every human being has a built in bias. So why would anyone think that any source (i.e. news person/network) would always be unbiased.

Herein is the rub. If we really want accurate sources of news then we must do the hard work of listening to different sources of it. If we do then perhaps we will find a sense of accuracy in midst of disparate views? But not so much if we are lazy and stick to one source of "news". The choice is really ours if we want accuracy in news.


  1. Would require time, and heaven forbid, thinking. I have had occasion to see news reports of events I have personally witnessed. Your assessment that those who report bring their personal bias to the reportage cannot be wrong. Ten reports, ten viewpoints.


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