Vintage Slang

Yagan Shah writes today about 11 Vintage Slang Terms That Need To Make A Comeback at the Huffington Post.

Here are her terms and my thoughts about them:
  1. Groovy.  A song by the Little Rascals is echoing in my head. 
  2. Swell.   Let's leave that one back with Wally and the Beav.
  3. Radical.  I have never been one. Pretty moderate.
  4. Scram.  I am not a gangster from Brooklyn.
  5. Neat.  "and tidy" is what I am thinking about.  ツ
  6. Funky.  Some sort of weird odor associated with a teen's room
  7. The bee's knees.  Something even my grandparents didn't say.
  8. Cool beans.  Food that need to be reheated in the microwave.
  9. Tubular.  Beats me. But I am not an 80s hipster.
  10. Hot to trot.  I just start laughing when I say it.
  11. Wicked.  Newish Broadway play about Oz?
Check out the Yagan's original article here to read how the terms were originally used.

I would love to hear any thoughts that you might have about these terms. Leave a comments and weigh in.


  1. "Tubular" has me thinking about socks. White ones with stripes at the top.

    1. I remember those socks Don. Seems like I remember wearing them with gym shorts. Yikes!


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