On Sale? Really? Am I that much of a Sucker?

Got an email from Starbucks regaling me with dreams of big savings if I would just go to their website or to one of their stores. So I went to their website and found this "on sale" box of Sumatra k-cups which regularly sells for less at Walmart. Ugh!! Why am I always drawn to these ad scams? Is it just my quest for cheaper prices or is it something else? Do I really think that companies like Starbucks really want to help me out? Am I that much of a sucker? Perhaps I am? I did click on the link in the email. I am such a sucker!


  1. Me too, I'm a sucker for a good deal and sometimes I find them! I have been trying hard not to click all the emails in my gmail promotions section and just delete them.

    1. My sister is a wiz at finding good deals Debby. On occasion I have been known to find a good one too!

  2. The delete button works well for me. *grin*


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