Cynicism, Expectations and Love

When it comes to expectations there seems to be two extremes - cynicism and naivety. The former says all people are unworthy of our trust. The latter thinks everyone can be trusted to do what we think they should do. I resonate more with the former than the latter.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said "There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love." That speaks to me of my need to tap into the love that lives within me to avoid the cynical response and let go of my disappointment. Perhaps the best way to avoid disappointment is not to jettison our expectations but to wrap them up in love?

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  1. I rather like your last sentence, which you wrapped as a question. Of course the cynic cannot be disappointed, for he has no expectations or worse, he expects the worst. The true naif will frequently be disappointed, for we all encounter those who are less than trustworthy. I think the course of love and trust, but with eyes wide open, expecting always more of ourselves than we expect of others will lead to satisfying relationships, and the cushions needed on which to land when disappointment does occur.


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