National Computer Clean Up Day

This funny Shoebox cartoon informs me of a day that I have never heard. It is purported to be a day dedicated to logically review, and delete old files and programs. Some even think we should vacuum the dust from our PC's. One description of the day says:

"Most of us add programs and files to our computer with reckless abandon. After all, computers have huge storage capacity. Many of these files and programs are forgotten over time. Overtime they clog memory and cause confusion during retrieval and use of other files. And, some may slow down your computer."

Funny because I have been doing a bit of cleanup since Google fiber was installed in my loft a few weeks ago. The fast internet speeds give me better ways of uploading and archiving old files. Will you celebrate the day or will you just ignore it like me?

... see more funny cartoons at the Shoebox blog.


  1. I had no idea it was National Cleanup Your Computer Day, but I'm cleaning up my work PC, and my PC at home, today. At work, because we are upgrading from Lotus Notes to MS 365, and I wanted to make sure my old emails were archived. At home, because I'm migrating my startup drive to an SSD, and need to clear up space.

    1. I need to have a super geek like you around Mike. You might be able to help me get more speed out of my wifi card! :)

    2. Ha! I'm more of a pseudo-geek.We use wi-fi for our phones and tablets, but everything else is wired. We seldom use our laptops as laptops.

    3. Methinks that you would love Google fiber Mike. They boast close to gigabit speeds when they are wired up to a gigabit Ethernet card.

    4. Most definitely! Our router has gigabit ports, and most of our wired devices support it too. File transfers are a breeze!

  2. I have no idea what Mike said! I let my daughter clean mine up a couple of times a year!


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