Last Vegas | ★★★★★★★

You would be mistaken if you think that this movie is some kind of Hangover movie for senior citizens. It came across to me as more of a Bucket List kind of flick. It features five great entertainers who are funny, a bit racy and, most of all, endearing. I loved the way that the guys, they called themselves the Flatbush Four, were friends after 60 years. The self-deprecating geriatric humor had me smiling and laughing. I loved this line:

"It's crazy, but whenever something spectacular happens to me, the first thing I want to do is tell my wife about it. And, after 40 years of marriage, if I can't tell her about something wonderful that happened to me, it sort of stops being wonderful."

The guys and the gal offer to us a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I found myself flashing back to childhood memories in New York and wondering what some of my old buddies are doing. And in the end, I saw forgiveness and reconciliation among old friends. I liked the movie a lot and, on a scale of ten, give it ★★★★★★★.

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  1. We enjoyed this movie too. We stayed at the Aria where they filmed the movie right around its release date. Our keys had that photo on them!


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