Character Matters

It has been a week since the Seahawks trounced the Broncos in the Super Bowl. A few days ago Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann wrote an oped piece titled "Dear Mr. Manning" in the Denver Post. Here is a beautiful clip from it:
It matters that you're professional in the way you talk to reporters.

It matters that you give credit to others — coaches, teammates, mentors.

It matters that you don't give up in a bad game and keep fighting, no matter the odds.

It matters that you take time to write notes to fans and sign autographs — even after crushing defeats.

It matters that you know the difference between being embarrassed by your team's performance and just not being the best team on the field that day.

And it matters that you meticulously prepare to play the game ... and encourage everyone around you to do the same.
The things that Laurie lists reveal a beautiful character. I so agree with her closing assessment of Manning: "it's your character that sets you apart from so many of your predecessors and peers. And that's a legacy that matters."

... I recommend that you read Laurie's article in full here.


  1. What a great piece. Character is what matters. Payton is a wonderful example of that.

    1. So true Wanda. I read that he is a believer. Great when faith influences character.


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