Where no man has gone before ...

ZDNet wonders if we should thank Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry for many of the advances that we see these days. I must admit that many of these inventions do bear a resemblance to things found on the Starship Enterprise. Consider ...
  • Flip cellphones do resemble that "Beam me up Scotty" Communicator.
  • The ear piece that graced Uhura's ear is a predecessor of current bluetooth ones.
  • Gigantic flat screen televisions of our day were once imagined by Roddenberry.
  • Remembering those tablets used by Captain Kirk reminds me of an iPad.
  • I talk to my Android phone like I am interacting with the Enterprise computer.
The article goes on to speak of medical advances that look like a Starfleet Sickbay and how we are a long way away from Replicators and Transporters. Even so, you have to wonder if maybe Roddenberry saw further into the future than we can imagine. :)

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