Watergate Changed Everything

About a month ago Ann and I watched "Sunrise at Campobello" - a heartwarming and inspiring movie about President Roosevelt's struggle with disabling polio. I loved the movie! A few days ago we watched "Hyde Park on Hudson", a very depressing movie about FDR having affairs with various women - most notably his cousin. The first movie presents us with a 1960 rose colored glasses view of the man while the latter a grittier portrayal of a skirt chasing momma's boy.

I think that the Watergate scandal and aftermath changed the way that we view our leaders. In a sense Woodward and Bernstein were the first to topple a president from his pedestal. Since that time we have been confronted with the many character weaknesses of our leaders. Nothing appears to be off limits to the press any more. I am not sure that I like the changes that Watergate brought. What do you think?

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