LOL :: it's good for you!

Studies on humor and laughter from Duke University, Loma Linda University, UCLA and others have shown:
  • Laughing helps relax tense muscles.
  • It helps lower high blood pressure.
  • It reduces the production of stress hormones.
  • There are no known negative side effects to laughter.
  • Laughter and a positive attitude strengthen the immune system.
  • It allows a person to 'forget' about aches and pains and perceive pain as less intense.
  • A good laugh is like an aerobic workout for the heart and lungs--increasing the body's ability to use oxygen.
Just makes me want to catch a funny movie or TV show!


  1. Laughter is very good medicine. I love to laugh.

  2. No known negative! My daughter makes me laugh a lot, she draws funny sketches of the happenings around here. I'm trying to get her to start a blog:)

    1. That is cool Ma! Family can be the best sources of joy and laughter.

  3. That's great I need someone to make me laugh really hard! My sons best girl works on those kind of studies at UCLA.

  4. Amen to this Bob. I like the one about the aerobic exercise for the lungs.
    I don't think I laugh enough and boy does it feel good when I do.
    Going to a family reunion tomorrow. I hope my lungs get a workout! (:0)

    1. Sometimes laughing is the only aerobic exercise I get Sue. :(


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