The Answer Man | ★★★★★★

I had never heard of this 2009 movie before Netflix recommended it to me. It focused on Arlen Faber, the reclusive author of "God and Me" - a legendary book that purported to be an dialog between him and the Almighty. The story revolved around his relationships with the people around him and his reclusiveness. I loved the way that Arlen was pictured as a man struggling with fame, friends and faith - it spoke to me about how life is sometimes about how our perspectives change when our theological answers fall short. I thought that Jeff Daniels did a good job in the lead role and others were good in supporting roles. Also thought that the ending was a bit abrupt and left the audience with too many questions. Even so, I do recommend it - especially if you enjoy stories that deal with struggles and faith.

On a scale of ten I give it ★★★★★★.

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