Sage of Solomon | August Recap

Last month I began a series of devotions on the the wisdom and sage of King Solomon. I would love to have you join me there in the coming days as I continue to share. Following is a recap in excerpts from last month's devotions ...

There are two basic ways to live - from your head or from your heart.

Life or death? The choice is ours. Speak life.

What is it in us that wants to get the best of another human being?

Engagement in our culture is not an option.

Just as greed takes life away generosity gives it back to us.

Regret is a powerful word.

The brain can instruct us in how to do things right but only the heart can guide us to do the right things.

Perhaps we can only speak gentle, kind and perceptive words when our brains are silent when we are listening?

Apart from unconditional love we really only have acquaintances that we bump into at work or at religious gatherings.

As I look back over my life I realize that even in deep despair I had a sense that God was with me.

The awe of the Lord changes me still today.

Integrity, being the same on the inside and outside, keeps us on track and connected to reality.

Sometimes it takes courage to be wise. Often the wise path is the one not taken.

I sometimes think that what we say is like a bank account - we cannot withdraw more than we have deposited.

It is so easy in life to encounter things that bruise our hearts.

It is so easy to compartmentalize our lives into secular and sacred activities.

The word "reputation" seems to have both a bright and dark side.

A fire ignites in my soul when I read of such people - it causes me to lean into God with all of my heart when my own understanding of life fails me. Knowing that others, that have gone on before me, have trusted God with all of their heart even though they did not see answers to their prayers thrills every inch of my being.


  1. As I look back over my life I realize that even in deep despair I had a sense that God was with me.

    That was one of my favorite observations from Proverbs. Me too.

    1. Thanks Ma! Glad you understand.

      Sometimes it is hard for other to make sense of that sense. :)


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