Jesus, Marriage and the Papyrus Relic

Adam Hamilton, our pastor, recently shared a few thoughts in a blog post titled "Is Papyrus Fragment Suggesting Jesus Had a Wife Authentic?" In it he tied the papyrus relic to his previous week's sermon saying:

Last week we noted that the criteria by which documents made it into the New Testament were apostolicity, catholicity and consistency with the gospel. Apostolicity meant that a document was written by an apostle or someone having access to or associated with the preaching of the apostles. Catholicity meant that the document was accepted, used by and found helpful to a majority of churches across the ancient world. Consistency related to whether the message was consistent with the earliest strata of documents the church had – the letters of Paul and the four gospels. This document appears to bear none of these marks.


  1. Isn't it funny how scientists think they can theoretically "prove" that this is real - a letter about Jesus... the same Jesus that they dispute that He ever lived?


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