Political Food and Friendships

Opened my email junk folder where I found a few notes from politicians and their cohorts wanting to be my friend. I just love how these messages involve all sorts of personal lingo. Consider these excerpts from a self professed Tea Party leader in South Carolina:
After watching tonight’s New Hampshire debate, I couldn’t help but think: Newt is the candidate we need fighting for us.

Newt is the only candidate offering solutions as big as our challenges. And just as important, he has a long record of making them a reality.
So tonight, I donated $25 to help make sure we can get him there.
I laughed inside when I saw that one of the Tea Party leaders was backing Newt with a whopping $25. How sad that such a "leader" had so little financial commitment to her candidate. Of course she was wanting me, a non-leader, to match her sacrificial gift.

Of course this sort of stuff in not limited to Tea Party Republicans. And lest Democrats smirk, I give you these excerpts from an email I received from the top guy himself:
I've set aside time for four supporters like you to join me for dinner
So if you make a donation today, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to be one of the four supporters to sit down with me for dinner.
We'll pay for your flight and the dinner -- all you need to bring is your story and your ideas about how we can continue to make this a better country for all Americans.
This won't be a formal affair. It's the kind of casual meal among friends that I don't get to have as often as I'd like anymore, so I hope you'll consider joining me.
Now I think that sounded a bit like an invitation to play the lottery with the top prize being burgers and fries with the prez. Still, it is pretty early in the campaign season. Maybe better offers of political food and friendship will show up in my junk folder in the days ahead?


  1. I loved Obama's pitch. Your prize gets you to have a chance to see him do what he does best, entertain.

  2. I am not looking forward to another campaign year. I am not looking forward to all the slander and back-biting and name calling. I am not looking forward to hearing how terrible the new President is going because it seems no matter who is President people complain about how terrible a job he's doing.

    Politics seems to be all about money and power. The middle Americans (the majority of us) sit here an listen to how trillions of dollars are being borrowed form countries like China and how in debt we are and how one political leader after another is caught with his pants down or off....I am so tired of it all.

    Maybe capitalism isn't all its cracked up to be if this is what it does to people? I am making 1/3 the salary I used to make, my family is helping to support me and I would be literally on the streets today due to the economy if it weren't for their help.

    Something is wrong with this when hardworking Americans can no longer support their families because so many jobs are sent overseas to save money. When people like me can't afford health insurance - what happens when we get cancer or something?

    Its just a bunch of BS. I think I would be happier in Canada.

    Sorry, Bob, to use this for my rant of the year on politics but it felt good to get it out :)

  3. Boy does that make me want to donate to eat with the President...NOT!
    Sad way to do business to my way of thinking.

  4. Here is the latest from my junk folder - interesting that the prez' deputy campaign manager has never had a meal with him:

    I've worked for President Obama for almost five years -- but I've never actually sat down for dinner with him.

    That's why I'm excited about (and maybe a little jealous of) the opportunity you have to join the President for dinner. He's going to sit down and swap stories over a meal with four supporters, and you could be one of them.

    You should really give this a shot. Please donate $5 or more today to be automatically entered for the chance to sit down for dinner with the President.

    Julianna Smoot
    Deputy Campaign Manager
    Obama for America

  5. These are hilarious, and no doubt people will try to win that "Burgers and fries with the Prez"

    You find the best stuff to share Bob...always enjoy the ride.


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