The Most Embarrassing Parent Ever?

Many of us can relate stories of how our parents embarrassed us when we were young. Even so I think that they would not compare to the way that 16-year-old Rain Price felt nearly every morning this past school year as he watched his father (pictured left) wave to his school bus in all sorts of strange costumes. You can catch a few of his costumes here - I am especially fond of the mermaid and toilet ones.

I am wondering if you have anything to match this story? Perhaps you have read something or have your own story. As for me - I cannot match it.. but don't ask my kids.


  1. Hilarious! That Neptune costume is truly a Laugh Out Loud moment! Wonder where he got the wedding dress.......hope it wasn't his wife's!

    The kid's embarrassed now, but I have no doubt he'll remember his dad's zany antics with fondness in days to come.

    Parents do the craziest things! LOLOLOLOL!

  2. haha
    i can easily relate to ur post bob!that's one good sweet nonetheless, reminder of my past.

    i still have not hold the title of a parent yet, but i do hope i embarrass my children later. :D

  3. ....I think his son is saying..."Dad, don't love me so much."

    Does he own a costume shop??

  4. I love it. Keven gets embarrassed when I sing in the car in front of his friends, this would have pushed him over the edge, LOL (in a good way)


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