Hotels love the Planet

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and found a "save our planet" placard on your bed? Often these guilt signs play on our do-gooder desires and try to guilt us into reusing towels and sheets.

I guess that is why I love the message on this placard. I mean really - everybody knows that hotels are only concerned about the bottom line and not the planet. And it is much better for them if we reuse dirty towels and save them a load in the clothes washer and dryer.

Have you ever been guilted into reusing dirty towels by environmental bed signs?


  1. Hey Bob! :)

    If the sheets are clean when you arrive, why bother changing them daily if you're making an extended stay? No one I know changes their sheets at home on a daily basis. Unless you're a Mike Rowe type, you probably don't need clean towels daily either.

    Love the sign! Truth in advertising makes for a refreshing change and with humor to boot!

  2. Whe;n we were in Vegas, I didn't find the card until we were checking out.

    It was on the bathroom counter unter the ice bucket...which we didn't use.

    I was not happy with the sheets, they were clean...but stiff. Like they forgot the softener.

    Or maybe it's because I buy high thread count sheets, and love the softness.

  3. @crownring - I would be happy to use dirty towels/sheets if it saved me money. I am always up for a discounted YMCA type of rate. :)

  4. I worked as a Night Auditor at a national chain... My hotel put out these cards. Their intent wasn't to "Save the planet." They were concerned about another green... money.

    I do suppose, that if the cost of cleaning goes up, then the cost of room rent would follow. But, isn't this approach deceitful? I think so.

  5. I find it funny that people don't understand that everything they do in life has a cost. It's like people who don't understand insurance fraud costs everyone!! idiots.

  6. I am a hotel manager we all use those signs and it helps our bottom line. Nevertheless less water is used, less detergent goes in the environment and this is a fact also. The important is not the purpose behind the act but the result. the result is hotel saves money, environment less contaminated period... Why do we need to blame somebody on something very simple?


    1. Thanks for the note Alain. Perhaps your hotel should offer a discounted rate for customers who reuse dirty linen? It might come across a bit more genuine?


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