Starbucks Via: Cheap, Easy & Bad

In concert with my new coffee bean background I give you my third coffee post this week. A NY Daily News article titled Starbucks Via instant coffee gets lukewarm reviews in New York debut had this to say about Starbucks' newest product:
It's cheap. It's easy. But it doesn't taste very good.

The reaction to Starbucks' newest beverage - instant coffee - was as lukewarm as an hour-old cup of joe.
At just under $1 per packet, Via is one of the cheapest cups of coffee on the market, but customers said that wouldn't make them come back for a refill.

"You can get a cup of coffee for $1 on every corner of New York City that tastes better than this," said Fae Berwick, 45, of Brooklyn. "Maybe it's a product for people in other cities. I don't see it selling here."
Aaaah.. too bad.. thought that it might have been a good idea :(


  1. I was hoping it would be successful because its Gary's friend's product.

  2. I can't imagine how you could make an instant taste like fresh brewed. I don't drink coffee much. But, $1.00 a cup isn't exactly a bargain Starbucks. I think that's still more than a small coffee at McDonald's which is not bad coffee.

  3. I was hoping it might be good. I like that little packet idea, like Crystal Light and other instant drinks.

  4. I've never found an instant coffee that I think tastes good. I wouldn't expect this to be any better.

  5. I had a cup of (free) Via this morning and it was better than I thought it would be.. but not worth a buck for an 8oz cup.


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