The American Trinity

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  1. Has it struck you that, for many people the far side of the political spectrum, "E pluribus unum" is beginning to lose strength? Unfortunately, some of the outgrowth of 9/11 has been hatred of immigrants and Muslims.

    I wonder what Jesus would have to say about all this? And I wonder if the extremists... some of them loudly proclaiming their faith in Him... would listen.

  2. Great comment Sue.. I believe in "E pluribus unum".. I also believe in "legal" immigration.

    I think that the notion of a hatred towards immigrants and Muslims is a complex one.. over time I have seen it even out a bit.. of course some remain willfully ignorant.

    And I wonder what Jesus would think about the living conditions in Mexico? Do you know what the church is doing in Mexico to help people alleviate the horrible living conditions down there?

  3. Sounds good, except the real powers that be in the United States make sure that equality doesn't extend beyond the delivery room.

    He sounded like everybody is included until he said, "The God that "we're" talking about... that's for another course and another time." No doubt that course says that "the" God is a Christian God. Therefore, according to the speaker, when the Founding Fathers referred to God they meant the Christian God.

    The listener is mislead into believing that the Founding Fathers are responsible for "In God We Trust" on our currency. President Eisenhower is responsible for putting that phrase on all our currency and The Knights of Columbus is the organization that convinced him to do it.

    The speaker's interpretation of Religious Freedom is not, in my opinion, what the Founding Father's intended.

  4. My uninformed impression of our "founders' is that most of them were Deists and not Christians.. of course that could probably said for most religious folks these days.

  5. I agree that all of them believed in God. It doesn't matter to me what religion or church the Founding Father's were members of since. What I think is important is that their personal choice of religion and church was not a limiting factor for them in the establishment of our country and the Constitution.


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