An Opportunity to Love Kids

Halloween.. a somewhat controversial day in some Christian circles. I love what my blog friend Amber wrote about the topic last year. A few excerpts from her excellent posting:

I love Halloween. :) Its fun. I'm not worshiping Satan when I dress up and give kids candy. Its an opportunity to love kids. For some of us, it may be the only contact we have with our neighbors. For me, its a way to relate to kids where they're at.
I'm going to give them candy and be friendly to them and dress up with them and play with them because that's how you communicate love to a kid at Halloween time. And isn't communicating Love what we're supposed to be about?
Its all about where your heart is. I think kids get that. They understand the difference between real and make-believe. Its the adults that have the issues with it.
I love that idea about it being an opportunity to love kids.. it is a positive way to view the day. What other positive ways do you celebrate the day?


  1. It seems there are some Christians, and I bet they are a small, but attention-grabbing minority, who believe the following:

    Popular + Not Christian = Satanic

    We used this Halloween to get to know our neighbors better. We had a small get-together and handed out candy as a group instead of individual homes. Getting to know your neighbors - how evil. ;)

  2. I agree with you Sid.. at one time I loosely held that view. I think that is why I feel most comfortable with a moderate view of life. That right/wrong black/white thinking generally leads to some kind of fundamentalism.. on either side of the ideological aisle.


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