I Will Never Forget

Growing up in NYC I can remember a time before the World Trade Center was there and the tallest building was the Empire State Building. It is odd to think that what once is now no longer stands because of hatred. Here are a few things I will never forget:
  • Evil is in this world and rears its ugly head when we least expect it.
  • No one is safe from terrorism.. terrorists know no boundaries.
  • Religious fanaticism can be deadly.. some theologies are evil.
  • The response to evil can surprise you.. we are stronger than we think.
  • Young soldiers are still risking all for our freedom.
  • The war on terror goes on even if politicians call it something else.
  • We must never ever give in.. we must never ever forget.
Just a few random thoughts as I wake this morning and remember that terrible day eight years ago. What is it that you will never forget?


  1. The pain I felt in my stomach as the news unfolded . . . never felt it before, never since, hopefully never again.

    The pride I felt as an American in the days following. Especially when our congressman stood together on the capitol steps.

    The peace of God that overcame fear during the days following.

  2. I will never forget:

    the shock
    the horror
    the grief
    the pride
    the unity
    the awareness of a need for God

  3. the Shock
    the Sadness
    the Fear that so many of my friends and work acquaintences had lost their lives
    the Wake up Call to have short accounts
    the Way people talked to each other and the Caring that was shown
    I will never forget.....

  4. can't believe it's been 8 years... I saw the 2nd plane hit the towers live on CNN... it was surreal.

  5. Spent the bulk of the day in front of the TV, in horror and weeping.


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