Celebrating to the Nines

Saw these unusual news items today about this numerically redundant day:
  • Wedding officials in Las Vegas are expecting a marathon set of nuptials and vow renewals anticipating it to be of the busiest days of the year.
  • The New York City Clerk's office said 200 couples had wed by midday at its refurbished marriage bureau -- about four times the Wednesday average. 
  • Nine couples in Hollywood spent 99 cents each to get married at a 99 Cents Only store on Sunset Boulevard.
Did you do anything to celebrate this ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year?


  1. Hi I'm Nancy and I found you through another blog, I enjoy meeting others and reading their posts. I hadn't thought about this date till I read your post.. to funny!!

  2. I celebrated by writing bills!!
    I did like putting that date on my checks.
    It also makes me think we are just a few days until 9-11. That has much more significence to me.

  3. I celebrated by listening to "The Nines," an online seminar with about 70 leaders sharing in 9 minutes the one thing they would share with other leaders. It started at 9:09 AM yesterday.

    Great concept, some good content.

    Not sure that counts as a celebration or not . . .


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