Brief Summer Movie Reviews

Autumn came to us this week so I thought that I would report in brief on the movies and videos that I saw this summer.. kind of like one of those "what I did on summer vacation" things. Here they are in random order:

  Dan in Real Life


  Gran Torino

  Nights in Rodanthe

  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  Sunshine Cleaning

  Eagle Eye

  Match Point


  Mad Hot Ballroom


  Confessions of a Shopaholic

  Get Smart


  Ghost Town




  Last Chance Harvey

  Julie and Julia
I suspect that you all may have pointed the thumb in a different direction on a few of these. A thumbs down does not mean that the movie was totally worthless (although it could mean that) and a thumbs up doesn't mean that the movie was Oscar worthy.. the thumb only indicate whether I generally had favorable memories of it.

Let me know if you saw anything this summer that is worth putting on my Netflix queue.


  1. I didn't see most of those but I did like Gran Tarino, Taken and Julie and Julia. I'm interested in seeing I Can Do Bad All By Myself because I usually like Tyler Perry movies.

  2. I only saw Eagle Eye and Benjamin Button


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