The Crazy Bacon Vote

My wife Ann can attest to my love for these strips of joy and love. So I was so excited when I came across a webpage that lists the 10 Craziest Products Inspired by Bacon. Here is a list of the products:
  1. Bacon Bandages ($3.50) Heal your wounds with bacon!
  2. Bacon Watch ($24.99) Proudly display your love of bacon.
  3. Bacon Wallet ($8.22) For the man who "brings home the bacon.
  4. Bacon-flavored Dental Floss ($1.95) motivation to improve your hygiene.
  5. Bacon-flavored Mints ($0.95) a match made in... well, China.
  6. Bacon-flavored Toothpicks ($2.99) for bits of bacon stuck between your teeth
  7. Bacon Gumballs ($3.49) to help spread the bacon gospel.
  8. Bacon Jelly Beans ($1.99) Not as tasty but better for your arteries.
  9. Bacon Air Freshener ($2.74) the perfect way to brighten any carnivore’s day
  10. Mr. Bacon Action Figures ($11.81) fights for everything salty, greasy and meaty.
I have displayed my favorite product ... one that I actually could see myself buying. How about you? Interested in any of these. Please vote for your favorite one in the comments.

...originally posted July 16, 2009


  1. Funny, there are two American obsessions I really don't understand. One is bacon. I mean, bacon is OK- just OK. I actually very, very rarely eat real bacon. I eat turkey bacon. And I don't want anything bacon-flavored.

    The second is coffee. I love the taste of coffee. But, I'm very sensitive to caffeine and the last thing I need is more energy. Why so many people need it to get started in the morning is something I will never understand.

  2. I like bacon myself, but this is just plain strange.

  3. We have many disagreements Brian but I never thought you would attack my holy of holies.. thou shalt not speak ill of bacon or coffee saith the Bob :)

  4. Yeah, I knew I was treading on thin ice when I trashed both bacon AND coffee in the same comment.

    I eat turkey bacon and drink decaf coffee. I know that for some that would defeat the whole purpose bacon (fat) and coffee (caffeine). But, that's just the way I roll- a true heretic! LOL.


  5. We are really not too far apart Brian.. sort of. I do limit my bacon intake and only use the center cut lower fat stuff.. and I do a 50/50 reg/decaf blend these days for coffee :)

  6. I wish I could drink real coffee. Drinking only decaf really limits me and I love dark, rich coffee. So, I have to say I'm a little jealous about being able to drink the real stuff. But, not so much about the addiction many people I know have.

  7. Starbucks Verona is a nice dark rich decaf.. it even made my blog sidebar :)

  8. Thanks. I'll have to check that out.

  9. a BLT and Starbucks. What a great day that would be.

  10. I don't eat pork. Even as an American, I don't understand our culture's obsession with bacon. Every restaurant I go to has bacon on at least half of their sandwiches in not half the dinners.

    Oh, and I very rarely drink coffee either. When I do, it's decaf.

    ...Maybe I was born in the wrong country?

  11. Why doesn't that surprise me Sid?

    So.. for all you coffee-bacon-haters.. of course no one really hates bacon.. they are just afraid of it.. what do you usually have for breakfast? Tea? Scones? Doughnuts? Cereal? Coke? Is it possible to have eggs without bacon? Next thing you will be telling me is that you don't like hashbrowns :)

  12. Bob,

    Turkey bacon is excellent and no pigs have to die in the making of it. Pigs are intelligent, turkeys are not so intelligent. So, I try to eat more turkey than pork. Turkey sausage is also very good.

    Normally for breakfast, I'll have a cereal bar of some sort and/or a yogurt. If I'm in the mood for a hot breakfast, it's Costco's "Real Eggs" (egg whites flavored to taste like whole eggs) with turkey bacon and whole wheat toast. When the weather is cool, I love a bowl of oatmeal with molasses and nutmeg.

  13. Bacon! That's my favorite commercial, that dog that runs through the house sniffing his favorite treats and then gets up to the bag and realizes that...he....can'!

    I laughed out loud every time I saw it. I am a simple person.

    Incidentally, I like bacon just fine, but hardly eat it, I just don't think of it too often.

  14. Brian.. I know you are not saying that intelligence is the determining factor in life and death situations :)

    Of course maybe you are saying those who eat bacon are more intelligent.. albeit a bit messier.. than those turkeys we all know :)

  15. Bob, for me, I know that something must die if I'm going to live. But I try to do as little harm as possible/practial. Since fish and chickens seem to have less sense of self than cows and pigs, they are my main source of protein. I eat pork only very rarely and never choose it for myself (with the exception of pepperoni on pizza).

  16. Interesting thoughts Brian. I tend to favor mushrooms on my pizza.. if I do any topping at all.. why mess with perfection?

  17. Pizza without pepperoni is just not pizza to me. I can have it with just pepperoni or just pepperoni and mushrooms or loaded up with everything. But, if it doesn't have pepperoni, it just falls flat.

    p.s.- when I do buy pepperoni, I buy turkey pepperoni. It's pretty good.

  18. I was going to answer your questions, Bob, but Brian pretty much answered them in the exact same way I was going to.

    I do eat turkey bacon, but prefer turkey sausage. Pigs fall above my admittedly arbitrary line of what's too smart to be food. Because it is arbitrary, I don't consider those who choose to eat pig immoral. And I'm drinking tea as I read these comments.

    My breakfasts vary quite a bit. It almost always involves tea and can including nothing more, dry cereal, oatmeal, eggs, polenta, pancakes, waffles, hashbrowns, and fruits.

  19. Oh, and Brian, they make turkey peperoni as well:

    With the main flavor of peperoni being the spice, I can hardly tell it's not pork. This is unlike bacon, where there's no mistaking the difference. By they way, I've discovered a completely unhealthy way of making turkey bacon taste more like it's porcine counterpart: cook it in butter.

  20. Sidfaiwu,

    I agree with you. My pork line is completely arbitrary. It's strictly subjective.

    I also agree with you about turkey pepperoni. It's very good. I can hardly tell the difference.

    Thanks for the tip on turkey bacon. But, after eating it for so many years, I actually prefer the taste to pork bacon now. I cannot imagine cooking it in butter.

  21. Thanks for the advice guys but I think that the jury is still out. When I googled..

    "Is bacon is good for you?"

    ..I got a whole lot of varied scientific answers.

  22. LOL. Is bacon good for you? That's a hoot, Bob.

    Pork tenderloin- now that's debatable. Pork is now as lean as chicken. But, bacon? C'mon.

  23. My husband loves bacon. I just put the toothpicks into my Amazon cart!

    1. How cool is that Debby. Keep me posted about the toothpicks. ツ

    2. No, thank you. I'll take my bacon between slices of toast with L and T.

    3. Hard to beat the real thing vanilla.


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