The Opposite of Faith

Saw this on Facebook today and it got me to thinking. In the past I have heard it said that fear was the opposite of faith. I somewhat resonate with that idea. Yet I resonate more with the idea that control is the antithesis of faith.

It reminds me of the old religious saying "Let go and let God". Hard words for a control freak like me. In reality ceding control has been a lifelong struggle. Fear causes the best of us to struggle trying to control uncontrollable things.

This is where many of us struggle to live a life filled with faith. To "let go" often means to confront the fear of things spinning out of control. It causes us to try to control our kids, our spouses, our future and things too big to control.

As we age, we come to understand how little we truly control. In response our prayers become less about control and more about trusting God when prayers are unanswered. Perhaps it is simply releasing control to God?


  1. I think you are right. I am always telling myself that this is God's plan for me and I must trust Him.

    1. It always helps me to remind myself that when I am in control I have no need to trust God or anyone else. Easier said than done.


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