Palm Sunday Hope vs Easter Hope

This morning I shared a devotion on first Peter [read it here].

As I wrote it dawned on me that we read of two examples of hope in the last week in the life of Christ.

The week started with hopeful hosannas as Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

These followers embraced the hope of a conquering messiah.

And a messianic kingdom that would rise up and overthrow the Roman occupation.

That hope was bolstered as Jesus debated the religious authorities in the ensuing days.

Then came Thursday.

As Jesus sat at his last supper with his disciples he spoke to them about being betrayed and denied.

He told them that he was leaving and the Holy Spirit would help them.

He tells them that soon he would be gone.

Hope began to ebb.

Then hope died on Good Friday as those who shouted hosannas on Sunday watch their messiah die on the cross.

Then Easter came. Just a few days after Good Friday.

On that glorious day the earthly hopes of Palm Sunday gave way to a new hope.

A heavenly hope.

A hope that would be born in all who experienced a new and heavenly birth.

The hope embraced the idea that Jesus would not reign merely over Israel but over the whole world.

Not only on earth but in heaven.

Not in the past or in the present or in the future.

His reign would be eternal.

This is what we know as blessed hope.

Not a hope so hope but a living knowing hope for those who know God.

I wish you an awakening of such hope today.


  1. Amen, Bob and Amen!! What a good read. And what Truth.


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