When you let go, you allow yourself to grow and heal.

This year it has become increasingly clear to me that I am only trusting God when I am letting go of control.

Marc and Angel offer some tips [here] to us on what it means to let go. They write that when you let go:
  1. you allow yourself to make the best of what you’ve got. 
  2. you get to use your resources more effectively. 
  3. you free your mind from needless worries. 
  4. you learn more about how life really works. 
  5. you get to appreciate others for who they truly are. 
  6. you get to focus less on pleasing others, and more on just doing the best you can. 
  7. you allow yourself to grow and heal. 
  8. it gets easier to forgive yourself, and love yourself again. 
  9. you get to enjoy more of life’s pleasant surprises. 
  10. you live more gratefully (and gracefully).
You can read the rest of their post here. I like what they have to say and recommend it to you. I especially resonate with this from their post: "the root cause of most human stress is simply our stubborn propensity to hold on to things".

It is so hard to let go of control and trust God. Yet it is so necessary. Can you relate?


  1. I like that phrase, "Let go, and Let God..."

    1. Thanks for stopping by danedon. Not sure which is harder, letting go or letting God?

  2. Yes it is hard to let go of control but I'm trying. This election is one reason to put our trust in God because He is in control!

    1. Love thinking about how God works al things together for our good Debby.


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