Honoring Service and Sacrifice

I am reposting this to commemorate Veterans Day. I am not sure that I have ever seen a more moving image representing what it means to honor our soldiers. Those who have served in uniform really understand what it means to honor those who have served us and have sacrificed, and are sacrificing, their all for their country.

I know that my three years in the US Army changed my whole image of military service. That time gave me a peek into both the mundane and extraordinary aspects of serving the country. Years later I learned a lot about the struggles of military families when my son courageously served two tours on the front lines of Iraq.

The truth is that military service can go from risking your life one day to doing menial tasks the next. Soldiers like my son do what needs to be done. They respond to terror attacks by volunteering to fight and to serve. For that I honor them all today.


  1. I've never served in the armed forces, but both my father and my father-in-law were in World War II. So, I have an appreciation for those who sacrifice for their country. May we always honor them, regardless of how we may feel about war, etc.

  2. My father and both of my dad-in-laws served in the Army. They were members of a great generation!

  3. THIS PHOTO IS SO POWERFUL. Thank you. I cried when I saw it.

  4. Bob this is a wonderful post and the picture says it all.
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  5. Thanking those who have risked their lives to keep us safe.....


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