Rolling with the Tides

Saw this image on Facebook today. It was posted by author Bronnie Ware. I so resonate with it. Last week I wrote this to a friend whose husband has been on a breathing machine for several months:

"I recently had the thought that I am only trusting God when I am not (trying to be) in control. It reminded me of a time in 2002 when my world was falling apart as Ann lay paralyzed from the waist down on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I was totally stressed and in the middle of crisis when God began to quietly speak to me about flowing with Him in life and not trying to control my life. I pray that you will find a way to flow with the Spirit in this distressing time."

The imagery of tides speak to me about life's ups and downs. How we have absolutely no control over so many things in our lives. When we are in over our proverbial heads it is simply best to trust God.

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