Remembering My Dad

My dad passed away on January 19, 2002. A few years ago I remembered him on Father's Day by posting the eulogy I gave at his funeral. This year I remember my dad by posting a poem that I wrote about him in the early 90s:

My Dad

I once imagined, that when I was old, a man of position I'd be.
An admired man. One of good works, that many would see.
Now, at the mid-point of my years, my eyes turn back to Dad.
I find myself wanting to be like him in ways that surprise me.

You see, when I was young, I didn't see the strength of his love.
I didn't understand the nobility of the sacrifices he made for me.
The part time jobs, the hard work, the man asleep on the couch.
Images, that now give warm feelings, I then didn't understand.

For I didn't know what made a man a man, and a dad a dad.
But I know now and I want to be like my father, Lawrence J.
A man full of kindness, of gentle strength, of quiet inner love.
I thank God for my Dad, his love for me and my love for him.

I sent this poem to my dad inside a Fathers Day card. We didn't talk about my poem while he was alive (wish we had) as he lived in another state. After he passed away I found the poem amongst his things. It made my heart glad.

This is a repeat of my fathers day post from 2007. It always inspires me to think of my dad and the man that he was.


  1. You got me with this one. Mark, M, and I are blessed to still have dad with us. You've inspired me to write him a letter letting him know how we feel about having such a good man in our lives

  2. After my dad died, I found his "treasure trove" of items he had kept in his desk. The most significant items were letters, cards, and things we kids had given him over the years. What a treasure it was to see Dad thought so much of those things that he would save them and keep them where he could go back and look at them from time to time.
    Thanks for the reminder. Happy Father's Day to you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, its very special. Happy Father's Day`

  4. Happy Father's Day. This was beautiful. I lost my dad in 1999, suddenly, and I don't know that some of the distances between us would have disappeared had he lived to be old, but I understood him better every year.

  5. My Dad never mentions these things and I often worry that he can't stand the "mushy stuff." This encourages me to keep it up.

    Happy Father's Day, KB! I continue to pray for your son and that today brings you joy. God bless you!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this for us; what a marvelous tribute to your father. Happy Father's Day to you!

  7. Once again your words have touched my heart. The Lawrence J. I knew was a very special man. He was loving, caring, sweet, always willing to help a loved one, and the best grandfather a girl could ask for. The only other man I know that is just like him is YOU! You are your fathers son! I know he looks down from heaven and is so very proud of you. I Love You! Lynn, your very blessed Goddaughter

  8. So I'm late on this a few years...but I haven't been blogging that long. It's awesome. What a great thing for a son to give his dad. Perfect...

  9. That's so beautiful, and I can totally relate coz my Dad was also such a wonderful man. I often feel sad for my husband as he's never known a fathers love like that and I look forward to the day of his salvation when our Heavenly Father's love washes over him and then he will know the true love of a Father. How precious that day will be when my husbands heart is filled with our Fathers agape love.

  10. A lovely tribute indeed and testimony to the kind of man your Dad was. I am sure you are forever thankful for that.


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