Encouragement for a Wounded Soul

Kelli Standish
Come out from the shadows, wounded soul
Come out and let your wounds be seen
Let the light touch you, embrace you
As you are.

You do not need to wrap yourself in rags
of rage, and fear, and darkness
I see you, I see right through
And I love you.

Come out from the storm, wounded heart
Come out and let your storm subside
There is peace waiting, stillness
For all your fury.

You have not been condemned from birth
But loved, chosen, destined, seen
Your pain is not invisible
Your pain is not incurable.

Come out from the darkness, wounded one
Come out and let your purpose grow
Let hope breathe on your dying dreams
And wake them.

Look up from the swamplands, wounded child
Look up and find joy striding,
Armed for battle, through the mire
Coming now to free you.

... poem authored by Kelli Standish, the most inspirational person I know.

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