Selma | ★★★★★★★★★★

I was a clueless teenager when Americans marched with Martin Luther King Jr. I knew of the injustices and the mistreatment but Oh My! To see this epic captured so masterfully on screen was breathtaking. It was heartbreaking and inspiring.

Doctor King (played beautifully by David Oyelowo) came across as a pragmatic prophet. A man operating with both principle and feelings. Concerned about changing the voting laws in America while showing so much compassion for the people who were protesting with him. I loved the way that so many heroic people were showcased.

My wife Ann (unlike clueless Bob) remembers following the events. A friend who viewed the movie with us told about how two nuns in her school marched in Selma. It was a beautiful moment to see so many ministers, priests and rabbis come to Selma to support such a cause. May we never forget Selma.

I absolutely loved the movie and, on a scale of ten, give it ★★★★★★★★★★


  1. Bob, I am just like you, I was clueless. My husband and I just had this conversation and he remembers things in the news. Not me. My parents didn't share the world events with me and to this day I don't watch the news so I am still clueless on most events. I only remember Kennedy and the walk on the moon.

    1. Good reasons to see this one Debby. It is not historical in the literal sense as the interactions with LBJ seem to be a pretty big stretch. That said, I thought it was a great movie.


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