National Puzzle Day

Today is National Puzzle Day. With the advent of digital entertainment, the common puzzle may be falling by the wayside. Puzzle Day is your chance to go back to basics; do a jigsaw or solve a crossword.

When I was a teenager I did the daily Jumble in the NY Daily News. I love working on crossword puzzles. My mom loved to do them and my sister does too. Do you like to solve puzzles? What kind do you like to solve?


  1. During the winter months a jigsaw puzzle on the table, just finished one last night; a daily crossword on-line. I used to try to solve the puzzle of human behavior, but I've pretty much conceded failure on that score.

    1. Thanks vanilla. I am still doing crossword old style using a Simon and Schuster book of them. What online site do you use to do yours?

    2. Bob, my favorite site is
      There are many others.

  2. I love a good Jumble. I like jigsaw puzzles and have a large collection but haven't done one in several years. I'm not very good and crosswords but I do the super easy ones.

  3. I think puzzles, word searches, or cross word have kept the ladies I visit in the rest home that are in their 90's and sharp as a tack. I have never been much for puzzles, but I have spent years reading and studying...hopefully that is keeping my brain alive and well.


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