The Beggar at the Door

I resonate with this quote. When I hear "God with Us" or "God loves You" I think of how God is with me through the presence of a friend and how He loves me through the compassionate people in my life.

I am that beggar at the door. I am the one in need of your presence and your love. I am not in need of a religious meeting. I am in need of you. I am the beggar at your door. And you are the beggar at my door.

How you respond to the beggar at your door says so much about you and whether you see yourself as a fellow beggar. Jesus agreed with this idea when he told us that great love comes from great forgiveness.


  1. Yes. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these. . . "

    1. have done it to me.

      I love the way that Jesus identifies with beggars vanilla.


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