2014 Blog Favorites

Hard to believe that 2014 is at an end. To celebrate I am listing some of my favorite posts.
January :: Note to My Younger Self

February :: Miracles - All or Nothing?

March :: Fonzi Scheme

April :: Absolute Relativism

May :: Remembering Ellen

June :: Religious Schism

July :: Chasing Francis

August :: Silent Sufferers

September :: Politics and Church Attendance :: Which comes first?

October :: When they are not sorry

November :: Hysterical Bob

December :: The Bible Isn’t a Magic Book
Thanks for reading my blog. Wish you the happiest of New Years.


  1. Thank you, Bob, for doing this. I have gone back over your year in review and feel that I have received a second blessing!

    1. Thank you for those kind and encouraging words vanilla.

  2. Happy New Year and may you be abundantly blessed in 2015!

    1. Thanks Debby. Hope it is a year of health and healing for all of us.

  3. It's been a good year. Hopefully I will be a more faithful reader and commenter in 2015. I do enjoy your blog...when I get here to read it. I do remember some of these posts.

  4. Thanks for the list Bob. I think I will spend tomorrow re-reading them while my Dear Hubby has a marathon Football day.
    Happy New Year and looking forward to more posts in 2015.

    1. Thanks Sue. Looking forward to visiting your place in the New Year.


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