Why Blog?

You’ll become a better writer.
I do think that blogging has helped me to be able to articulate my thoughts and feelings.

You’ll become a better thinker.
I absolutely agree with this point. Blogging here and commenting at other blogs (i.e. Mad Mike Erich's blog) has helped my better understand why I believe what I believe.

You’ll meet new people.
I love the idea that blogging is a community of people who enjoy not only writing but reading about things that we have in common. Bloggers have become good friends.

You’ll inspire others.
I always hope to do that in one way or another but I feel that I am inspired more than I inspire. Reading of the ways that folks overcome trials so encourages me.

You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset.
I was a fairly narrow thinker when I began blogging in 2004. Interacting with blog folks have softened my understandings of many things. I am grayer now than I was then.

-Talking points taken from the Becoming Minimalist blog. Read more reasons here.


  1. I so agree with all those talking points. I started blogging when we lived up North in 2007 ~ Seven good years, and many changes in life, health issues, births, graduation, marriages, deaths...cancer...Blogging is a life journal. Thanks for sharing this Bob...just think...if we didn't blog we would never have met. Some of my blogger friends are the most special friends I have.

    1. I so agree Wanda! You and Don are precious friends even though we have never shook hands.

      I have been really busy helping my daughter find a new place (25+ places) so I really need to catch up on my blog reading.


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