Crisis in South Sudan

More than a million people have been driven from their homes in South Sudan since intense conflict began on December 15. Fighting and displacement have prevented planting for the rainy season. Hunger is set to worsen if crops cannot be planted. Almost a quarter of a million children are predicted to be severely malnourished by the end of 2014.

World Vision was working in South Sudan long before the country gained independence, and they are increasing their disaster relief work in response to the current crisis. But they need your help. The situation is critical as the number of people in urgent need of life-saving assistance has grown significantly. Please consider helping them provide basic food and nutrition supplies, as well as clean water, sanitation, and protection for the most vulnerable children and families in South Sudan.

Because World Vision has been awarded government grants, gifts will have 2X the impact to help provide urgently-needed food, clean water and sanitation, mosquito nets and household goods, and safe places where children can learn and play. To learn more please click here or on the image at the top of the left sidebar.


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