Hating the term "Celebrity Christian" by Rachel

How do I hate the term “celebrity Christian?” Let me count the ways!
I hate that it reflects a culture that idolizes success.

I hate that it exposes my own dark desires and unhealthy fixations.

I hate that once someone decides you’re a “celebrity Christian,” they use that as an excuse to treat you as something other than a human being.

I hate that I’ve used it as an excuse to do the same.

I hate that it comes with the pressure to speak more definitively (even when you’re not sure) and lead more decisively (even when you have no idea where you’re going).

I hate that it reduces people to “fans” or “haters” when God only gave us neighbors.
I don't want to live in a world of fans and haters.

- excerpted from a great post about faithfulness by Rachel Held Evan. Read more here.


  1. The problem with a world full of fans and haters is it makes everything about the individual in question and little about Christ or even the issues involved.

  2. what an awesome article and so very very true insights from her too. Thank you for sharing. :)


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