Explanations and Faith

Yesterday I wrote about the first sentence of this Aquinas quote. Today I hit the last sentence. Over the years I have had many conversations with wonderful people who do not have faith or have lost faith - and yes I do understand the theological hoops that some jump through with regard to the possibility or impossibility of losing faith. This is not about that.

I think that explanations, or the lack of them, are often cause for a rejection of faith. Sometimes unexplainable things happen to us and the people that we love. Often explanations, even biblical ones, fall short and do not make sense. Generally speaking, I have found people who reject faith to be thoughtful people seeking explanations.

A common denominator of those who reject faith seems to involve explanations - ones concerning evil ... about the origins of the universe ... things that seem unexplainable to them. Yet somehow there are some who are able to embrace faith with their heart, see past bad explanations and embrace things unknowable with the help of the One they know.


  1. Indeed. Years ago I read a book by Ronald Nash, "Faith and Reason"...I thought it was a great response to those who area seeking a "rational" explanation for faith.

    Dr. Dobson's, "When God Doesn't Make Sense" is an wonderful message of hope and PEACE in the midst of those life experiences that are truly confounding.

    In my own quest for answers when my husband got sick - and shortly thereafter passed away, the Lord told me, "Kim, when you demand answers you sacrifice peace." Dr. Dobson says that God is not obligated to give me an explanation. He owes me nothing.

    Consequently, I do have peace! :-)

    1. "when you demand answers you sacrifice peace"

      That may be one of my favorites quotes of 2013 Kim!

      Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Your last sentence is pretty much the crux of the matter in re faith, is it not? Always "with the help of the One they know."

    1. So true vanilla. Faith is always about the One we know. ツ


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