Caroling with Yoda

A Christmas funny from the Shoebox blog along with a holiday Q&A.

Q) Do you plan to carol this year?
A)  Only in the shower.  ツ

Q) Are you planning to watch any movies before 2014?
A)  On Thursday we are watching "It's a Wonderful Life" with the neighbors.

Q) Have you mailed Christmas cards yet?
A)  Got them out about 10 days ago.

Q) What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
A)  O Holy Night

Q) Your favorite Christmas memory?
A)  Watching my young kids open presents.

Please join in the fun and share your answers in the comments section.


  1. 1.We went caroling with our Church last week. It was wonderful.
    2. We watched "A Wonderful Life" and our BIL wrote a script that has been made into a Christmas Movie called "Without a Ladder". I'm sure the copies are limited. He just mailed us one. I read his short story last year, and so glad it's now a movie.
    3. Yes, mailed out about 30 Christmas Letters
    4. O Holy Night
    5. Getting a doll and doll buggy at age six.
    Thanks Bob...that was fun.

    1. It must really be different caroling in warm weather Wanda. I have memories of it being really cold the last time I caroled. Makes me want to move where you are!! ツ


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