The Origin of the Universe

Frank Viola says that there are only three alternatives to explain the origin of the universe: 1) It always existed, 2) It was created by chance, or 3) It was created by God. He goes on to say:
1) The universe could not have always existed, for it is expanding and contracting.
2) The universe could not have been created by chance because it is too orderly and complex.
The consistency, organization, symmetry, form, and purposefulness of the universe and all life forms testify compellingly to God’s existence. ... Incidentally, the “Big Bang” theory doesn't solve much. For it doesn't answer the probing question: “Who or what started the Bang in the first place?” ... Surprisingly, the Bible never sets out to prove God’s existence. The Lord has chosen to remain invisible. He is a God who hides Himself. He has chosen to remain unprovable.


  1. Also before you can have chance there has to be something existing for chance to work on. You cannot gamble with no cards and no ace.

    1. I agree Mike. Wonder if we will ever know where God came from? Probably not. :)


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