Dreams of Spring

This funny Shoebox cartoon reminds me of these seasonal changes ...

    •  Warmer temps in KC. Snowing now but not in a few weeks.
    •  Brown giving way to green in the grass and trees.
    •  Open windows and sitting out on my deck again.
    •  Walking to restaurants in our area and eating on their patios.
    •  Taking short road trips and not worrying about bad weather.
    •  Planting new stuff in our planters and grilling on the deck.
    •  Driving with the windows open before it is A/C time.
    •  Maybe catching a baseball game on a warm (not hot) night?
    •  Watching the sun set over the river from our deck.
    •  Walking to our neighborhood Farmers Market on Saturdays.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?


  1. How awesome that you can walk to so many places. That's what we need to make sure we have when we retire into other place. We don't get any browning of the grass here which is nice but the hills below our home will turn brown as soon as we have a few days of 90 degrees.

  2. Eating at the restaurant patios sounds delightful.

    I am looking forward to the kids playing outside again in the evenings, the herbs in my garden starting to grow, having the windows open. It is still very cold here with talk of more snow this week.

  3. Thanks for these comments Debby and Ma!

    This area of downtown Kansas City is great for walking (or rolling in Ann's motorized chair) to restaurants with outdoor patios. It is one of the reasons we moved here in 2010.

    Have a great weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday!


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