Unbought, Unbound, Unafraid and Unintimidated

Dr West's statement, regardless your view of him personally, makes me think about how I gravitate towards leaders who, pretty much, think like I think. The words "unbought, unbound, unafraid and unintimidated" remind me that great leaders are originals who think for themselves and often go against the flow.

The older I get, the more I realize how unusual it is to find leaders such as these. In my own life I have gone with the flow more than I have gone against it. The truth is that most of us want to be liked and sometimes resort to people-pleasing to attain that goal.

I wonder what kind of person is most reflective of the "un"? Is it the person who walks in lockstep with the theology or ideology of others? Or is it one who is secure enough to reject ideas that do not sit well with their hearts? Maybe we all need that kind of courage?


  1. I'm a mixture of both! Depending on the source.

    1. The source is what needs to be determined to find the "Truth"... I've been a follower and people pleaser, but it's not very hard these days to see truth and error in our culture.


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