Traveling the Romans Road

I began the New Year reading and reflecting on Paul's epistle to the Romans at An Eye for Redemption
I invite you to travel along with me here.   A few excerpts from my travels ...

Despite what our heads say to us at times, God is for us.

To become like the Son of God gives meaning to my life.

Grace does what the law could not.

We want promised healings, miracles and answers to prayers.

Sometimes the promise is fulfilled in heaven.

From the very beginning of history God has always been about faith and not ethnicity.

There have been times that, in deep anguish of soul, I have prayed in unintelligible words.

We long for a time when our tears will be dried and our pain will be a thing of the past.

This passage speaks to me about how a person can be raised in a religious environment be totally lost.

It is hard to really believe that something like sacrificial or unconditional love really exists.

No one ever wants to, as Paul does in these verses, admit that evil is present in them.

I love how the apostle speaks to the issue of responding to the information that we already have.


  1. Thank you so much for these much needed words right now.
    I hold them close to me.
    Thanks for your prayers too.
    I so appreciate having a friend like you.


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