10 Ways to Stunt Your Spiritual Growth

Found this list on Jim Palmer's Facebook page ...
  1. Separate people into “us” and “them”.
  2. Believe you need to be rescued from yourself and cured of your own badness.
  3. Treat the afterlife as more important than the herelife.
  4. Make God about correct theology.
  5. Divide the world up into “sacred” and “secular”.
  6. Mistrust what you most deeply feel.
  7. Limit your experience of the divine to the people, places and programs of institutional church.
  8. Question your competence when it comes to charting your own spiritual path.
  9. Assume you more or less already have it all figured out, settle in, and stop exploring.
  10. Pour concrete around your latest ___________.
Seems like a good list to end 2012. I can resonate with many of these - especially #6. How about you? Can you relate?


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