The Password Protection Act of 2012

The issue of employee privacy has been recently challenged by over-zealous employers wanting access to employee's social networking accounts. I really do not understand these folks or why the government needs to be involved. Consider this to this excerpt from a ZDNet article:
A group of Democrats today introduced legislation in both the House and Senate to prevent employers from forcing employees and job applicants into sharing information from their personal social networking accounts. In other words, Maryland may soon not be the only state that has banned employers demanding access to Facebook accounts. The Password Protection Act of 2012 (PPA) would also prevent employers from accessing information on any computer that isn’t owned or controlled by an employee, including private e-mail accounts, photo sharing sites, and smartphones.
Do you agree with employers or do you agree with the ACLU that "employers have no business snooping on their employees’ Facebook pages, private email accounts and smart phones"?


  1. I 100% agree with the ACLU on this matter. I find it ironic that many companies consider sharing your company password with anyone a fireable offense, yet some would ask for personal passwords. What will they want next? Keys to my house?

    1. The keys to your place seems reasonable to me Mike. :)

    2. You are welcome in my home any time, Bob. :-)


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