Are religious voters all that different?

This chart from the Barna Group illustrates an idea that I have often wondered about. Does a person's religious beliefs really dictate their voting choices? The polling revealed by this chart seems to indicate that issues and character are the most important factors for all voters - religious and others. The exception seems to this rule seems to be in column number five - a candidate's religious faith is much more important to an evangelical Christian than for most voters. That seems accurate as this sector, generally speaking, integrates faith into every part of their lives.

What do you think? Are religious voters all that different from other voters?


  1. Interesting. And I agree I would find it hard to separate my faith from my position on issues as I think my faith strongly influences my position on issues.

  2. Interesting. I thought the statistics would be a bit more separate.
    MY faith beliefs so have a huge bearing on how I vote.

  3. Always helps me to remember that I am not voting for a senior pastor but for a senior leader. All things being equal (they never are) I will factor in a person's faith.


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