Will people remember 9/11 in 2101?

Kudos to the Newseum for producing this great front page from 100 years ago. My wife, her sister and niece took in the Titanic Exhibition at Union Station last year and spent hours viewing the seemingly ancient artifacts. She reports that there was silk and even papers that survived the salt water for so many years. Hard to believe that we are still talking about it today like it just happened. Of course the Titanic movie might be helping to keep the memory fresh.

I wonder if folks will be talking about the 9/11/2001 terrorist acts in 100 years? Not many younger folks remember the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese any more. I wonder how many will remember 9/11 if peace progress is made with the Muslim / Arab peoples? These days we seem to have a great relationship with Japan. What do you think?


  1. I hope our world never forgets. The history books need to make these things known and parents/grandparents need to share their stories. I remember when my daughter was in school and they had a woman come to visit who was in the Holocaust and it left a huge impression in her life. Great teachers will keep these things important in our children's lives but actually living through them makes them totally different.

    1. The Holocaust seems different than the invasion of Pearl Harbor Debby. Doubtful that will be forgotten but the memory of Pearl harbor seems to fade with each Japanese sedan than Americans purchase. I could be wrong though?


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